Tobies Station

Welcome to Tobies Station

Tobies Restaurant, Bakery and Tobies Station makes the Tobies location a one-stop shop for fuel, food, and a discounted car wash. Our station offers Minnoco gasoline: E85, Diesel, and non-oxy premium.

At Tobies Station, you’ll find everything you would expect from a gas station on I-35, plus a little extra: legendary rolls, cookies, and doughnuts brought over fresh from Tobies Bakery right next door. For more information, please visit us at

Please be sure to visit our full service Caribou kiosk where we can make all flavors and sizes of your favorite coffee drinks.

404 Fire Monument Road
Hinckley MN, 55037

Tobies Restaurant & Bakery:
7:30am – 9pm

Tobies Station: Open 24 hours

Caribou Coffee: 6am – 6pm

**Unique circumstances my cause hours to vary