Bakery Menu

Specialty Breads

Autumn Grain
Canadian Flax Cinnamon Bread (Top Seller)
Cinnamon Bread w/ Raisins
Cinnamon Crunch (Top Seller)
Baby French Bread (Lactose free)
Jalapeño Cheese

Cardamom (Top Seller)
Marble Rye
Sauerkraut Onion Rye
Super Sourdough Bread
Swedish Limpa
Three Sisters Rye (Lactose free)
Wheat n’ Cranberry Orange Bread (Top Seller)
Native Wild Rice Bread
Wild Rice, Cheese & Onion
Chippewa Harvest

Sweet Breads

Banana Bread (Top Seller)
Banana Walnut Bread
Pumpkin Bread (Seasonal)
Rosie’s Rhubarb Walnut Bread (Top Seller)
Best Ever Cornbread
Orange Cranberry Loaf
Double Berry Bread (Cranberry and Wild Blueberry)
Wild Blueberry Bread
Old Fashioned Gingerbread (Seasonal)

English Muffins

Jumbo White (Great for Individual Pizzas!)
Jumbo Cranberry
Small English 6 count

  • Plain
  • Blueberry
  • Apple-Cinnamon
  • Cranberry
  • Jalapeño Cheese (contains dairy)

Standard Breads

Tobies has a variety of your everyday favorites. Our breads, buns, and rolls are trans fat free.

White Bread
Wheat bread
White Buns
Wheat Buns (special order)
White Dinner rolls
Tobie Buns
Wheat Dinner rolls (special order)
Hot Dog Buns
Knots (poppyseed or sesame-onion)


Caramel, Cinnamon & Pecan Rolls
Tobies Crown Jewels!
The reason you stop here!

Andrej’s European Potica (poe-tee-tsa)
Jän Gadzo, using his dear mother’s recipe, began making this Czechoslovakian pastry in the 1980’s as a Christmas treat. This award winning delight is a thinly rolled sweet dough with a moist walnut or poppyseed filling. Jan’s Potica is now made at Tobies bakery in Hinckley, Minnesota and shipped world-wide.


Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter
Ginger Molasses
Date Smiles (filled cookies)


Rhubarb Walnut
Peach (Seasonal)
Raspberry Cream
Wild Blueberry
Cranberry Nut
Glorious Morning
Chocolate, Chocolate Chip
Lemon Poppyseed
Pumpkin (Seasonal)
Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip

Fried Rolls

Apple Fritters
Bismarks (blueberry, raspberry, lemon, custard)
Donuts (glazed, chocolate, sugar)
Fried Cinnamon (glazed, maple, vanilla, nutty (vanilla frosted topped with crushed peanuts))
Long Johns (maple, maple bacon, custard, nutty)
Open Faced (cherry, lemon, custard)
Mini Johns (special order)

Cake Donuts

Our original buttermilk recipe
• Buttermilk
• Fudge Buttermilk
• Decorated Buttermilk With Sprinkles


Made start to finish with our time honored recipes

Banana Cream
Sour Cherry
Chocolate Silk
Sugar-Free Cherry (frozen, take and bake)
Wild Blueberry
Raspberry Peach
Sugar-Free Wild Blueberry (frozen, take and bake)
Coconut Cream
Granny Smith Apple
Sugar-Free Granny Smith Apple (frozen, take and bake)
Cranberry Apple (special order)
Lemon Meringue (special order)
Sour Cream Raisin (special order)
Custard (special order)
Strawberry Rhubarb (seasonal)
Peach Crumble (special order)
Fresh Strawberry (seasonal)
Dutch Apple (special order)
Harvest (pumpkin with apples), (special order)

Assorted Treats and Desserts

Bread Pudding
Crispies (elephant ears)
Apple Crispies
Rhubarb Crispies
Annie B’s Caramels

Seasonal Delights

Cinnamon-Walnut Bread
Yule Kaga
Hot Cross Buns

Stacy’s Fruitcake

George Felgerlva began blending candied cherries and pineapple with white raisins, pecans and walnuts with a brandy emulsion; no bitter peel, in his little bakery just outside of Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1789. He folded these into just enough butter batter to hold the fruits and nuts together; topping each loaf with cherries and jumbo pecans that glistened in a honey-apricot-brandy-glaze. Stacy, George’s daughter-in-law, brought his formula home to Minnesota. Available October thru December.

Dry Goods & Sundries

Honey Hill Farms (local honey)
Wild Country Pure Maple Syrup (award winning)
Jams & Jellies
Stonewall Kitchen
Caribou Coffee & Hot Teas

Gluten Free Bread & Treats

Sift (Minneapolis, MN) Gluten Free Treats
New Generation (Mora, MN) Gluten Free Treats

If you have food allergies, please note that Tobies products may contain or have been in contact with dairy, peanuts, eggs, assorted nuts, or vegetable dyes.

404 Fire Monument Road
Hinckley MN, 55037

Tobies Restaurant & Bakery:
7:30am – 9pm

Tobies Station: Open 24 hours

Caribou Coffee: 6am – 6pm

**Unique circumstances my cause hours to vary