Car Wash

Tobies Car Wash

Purchase eight or more gallons of gas at Tobies Station, and you’ll receive $1 off any car wash. Just like our gas station and bakery, our car wash is ready for one-stop service. Choose from our 4 selections:

No Wax Wash
Our wax free wash features a (seasonal) de-bugging, a two-pass presoak, a high-pressure wash around and underneath the vehicle, and a spot free rinse and dry.

Premium Wash
Our basic wash and wax features a two-pass presoak and high-pressure wash, including Blue Coral high-pressure clear coat polish.

Rainbow Works
This comprehensive wash features a full cleaning around and underneath the vehicle, and includes Blue Coral “rainbow” triple foam treatment and Blue Coral clear coat polish.

Rain-X Wash
The Rain-X wash is like our Rainbow Works wash, but adds a coat of Rain-X complete surface protectant to the vehicle’s surface.

404 Fire Monument Road
Hinckley MN, 55037

Tobies Restaurant & Bakery:
7:30am – 9pm

Tobies Station: Open 24 hours

Caribou Coffee: 6am – 6pm

**Unique circumstances my cause hours to vary