Tobies Restaurant and Bakery …. A Travelers Tradition Since 1947

Located on the corner of Main Street and Old Highway 61 in downtown Hinckley, the café and bus stop began serving its donuts and coffee in 1920 with Mr. & Mrs. Isodore Wendt as proprietors for the next 27 years.

Then on April 1, 1947, Mr. & Mrs. “Tobie” Lackner took over the restaurant, changing the name to “TOBIES” Eat Shop & Bus Stop”. Tobie himself served as the café’s best public relations man.

In 1966, after 19 memorable years as owners, Tobie and Ann decided to retire from the restaurant business. This decision was influenced by the new freeway coming through, which would mean relocation and starting over.

Mr. & Mrs. John Schrade grasped the opportunity to move this thriving eatery to its freeway location in 1966.

Today our second, third and fourth generation family maintain the same friendly atmosphere everyone has come to know.

At Tobies we prepare our foods to be thoroughly enjoyed: fresh baked pies, breads and rolls, hearty homemade soups, choice lean meats, popular seafood, delicate sauces and gravies, savory seasonings and condiments.

We take pride in the culinary art, and our widespread reputation and a never ending list of friends confirm the fact that there is no substitution for good food.

As the I-35 corridor has grown and changed, so have we. As always though, we cater to the needs of the traveler. Our famous bakery and fine menu makes Tobies a coast to coast landmark and memory making location to area residents and travelers.

We hope you find everything to your satisfaction, and if there is anything we can do for your, just ask. Think of us as family, because we are!!